Let's rewind to 2009 when I was an awkward high school freshman cheerleader... Yes, I was a cheerleader and yes, I am still awkward. Back then was the first time I had ever met Gabi (she was the cool senior cheerleader every freshman looked up to). Never would I have guessed that in 2016 I would take her engagement photos and in 2017 I will be the photographer at her wedding! ISN'T LIFE SO COOL?!

On their engagement session, we found out pretty quick that the dogs photographed on Pinterest must be some crazy trained breed because Saylor & Wrigley were not too excited to sit and smile for us. Which was actually quite hilarious. Then we drove out to Spring Valley Reservoir where it started to pour down rain. But Gabi & Brock being the awesome humans they are, embraced it and we kept going. Which I will forever be thankful for because with every crazy storm comes an even crazier sunset. Which keep scrolling... Because your mind is going to be blown with a beautiful Idaho Sunset.

I am super proud of this session and all the magic we created up here in Moscow, ID. Enjoy!