Hey There!

Here are some of my favorite things outside of being a professional third wheel…

> Ordering random shit on Amazon Prime that I know I don’t need but something so satisfying about a box arriving at your doorstep.

> Wine. Bigggg red wine gal. I also love beer, coffee, tea, sparkling water, Bang energy drinks. Maybe I’m just a big beverage gal.

> My boyfriend, Ryan and my golden retriever pup, Dodger. These two guys are my favorite things in the world.

> Candles. It’s not healthy, I buy way too many and now my boyfriend Ryan and I have a collection of over 30 Bath & Body Works Candles.

> Podcasts… majorly obsessed over here. Some of my faves are My Favorite Murder, Off the Vine & The Morning Toast. Anyone else?!

> Youtube. I watch way too much of this. Also fun fact - Ry and I have a Youtube channel where we do vlogs & show you our lives.

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So why me?

I pour my heart into every single one of my couples. I leave every shoot with friends and I don’t just consider this a transaction but we are lifers after this. I don’t want you changing yourself - each couple is uniquely perfect & that is what lights my fire. I want to capture every moment from the good stuff to the crazy stuff. Life can be a shit show and I am continually honored to capture each chapter & the craziness of life. I am not just for those crazy insta-worthy moments because to be honest… those don’t last forever. What lasts forever is capturing the honest and the real relationship. I am always so in awe of watching people in love, it is something I am so passionate about and what makes my heart beat so fast. The excitement of this job is something I will never get over. I will always be real with you and I want you to be real with me. Your photos are a lasting legacy that you will pass down to your family for years to come. I want us to create moments that last and photos that take you back to that moment & that memory.


Taking photos should be fun and it should tell a story. Every move and touch means something and I am here to capture your story for you. This is a two way street completely. You need to be just as obsessed with me as I am with you and be vulnerable and open to the whole experience. If we can do this, we are going to be the best of friends & you’ll walk away with an experience you’ll never forget!



Meet Your Videographer

This is Ryan. My soul mate & also everyones best friend. Ryan has such a way with people and always leaves any situation with a new pal. He has been doing videography with me since fall of 2017 and we work alongside each other to tell the story of your day.

Some of Ryan’s favorite things are:

>The Green Bay Packers - he is borderline obsessed

>Miller Lite & IPA’s

>loves working out & staying fit

>his favorite hobby is running around outside with our crazy pup Dodger



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