big time freak out over here folks. This shoot is easily one of my favorite shoots E V E R. Here is some backstory. Ry and I started making youtube videos in February and I stumbled across Taylor's channel. I thought her videos were super fun and laid back and I just loved her energy. So I commented on a video of hers (honestly something I never do) and she responded, subscribed to our channel, we found each other on instagram and just started chatting more. Then she reached out (before she got engaged even! haha) to plan a time to visit Idaho for her and Garrett's engagement. And here we are now. I am seriously overjoyed with this shoot and these people. I felt like Tay & Garrett were longtime friends we were reconnecting with. I am so happy they trusted me to capture these because their relationship was so fun to photograph. 

The internet gets a lot of crap for being toxic and overwhelming, which I can agree to, but also there are times when you are able to meet friends and connect face to face and not through the phone. My heart is overflowing after this and I just can't wait til I get to hang with these two again. Now get to scrolling hehe.

Oh but first, I will link their vlog from this day here as well + their instagrams. You are able to see some behind the scenes action of their engagement shoot :) 

Taylor's Instagram

Garrett's Instagram