Why did it take me so long to blog this?!

I still feel so mushy gushy inside that Molly & Austin trusted me & Ry enough to fly us out to Costa Rica for their destination wedding. This whole experience was beautiful and rewarding. Also if these photos don’t make you wanna go to a foreign country with your closest family & friends to celebrate and party, I’m not sure what will. This truly was such a party of a wedding and I am so glad I got to photograph the fun. Also, super stoked to have been able to gain such incredible friends through the experience, the type of friends that encourage you to have some beers while shooting the wedding & once you’re done, celebrate with Tequila. Molly & Austin, you two are the coolest and your family & friends are so damn awesome as well.

Grab a snack cause there’s a lot of photos & the best lil highlight film by Ryan!