NOTE TO SELF: next year - I want to take more time on this blog post and really dissect each shoot I had and really show off moments that I haven’t shown anywhere else. That being said, I am still super proud of the photos I chose for this. As I have mentioned a billion times before, I am a bigggg moment gal. Way more into moments than a stereotypical posed photo. So I wanted to choose a batch of photos that were moment based and not something that you would necessarily see on your instagram or pinterest feed. I love watching the connection between my clients. It truly blesses me to see humans interact and love on each other. And reminiscing through these photos got me a little bit emotional. These year has been an incredible journey for me. A lot has happened personally such as we got a puppy, I formed some really strong friendships and let go of some more toxic ones, we went to a lot of concerts, we visited colorado for the first time to see my brother, we renewed our lease and are beginning to look into buying a house, it just was incredible. And business wise, I feel like I made a ton of strides. I shot my first international wedding in costa rica, I shot my first elopement, I hit some financial goals that I am very proud of, I began working to upping my prices but also providing so much value and experience to my clients and it just felt good to be self-employed this year. This job isn’t easy and I always try to be honest about that, but goodness it is so rewarding. As I reflect on 2018, I just have to say thank you! If you’ve worked with me, or if you follow me, or if you’ve ever passed my name along in passing - thank you. I couldn’t do this without support. Word of mouth is huge for my business and I just am so appreciative of the people that are so damn supportive to me. You all rock. So enough of me typing cause I am a terrible writer and you all know I’m not proof reading this. It’s 10:15pm on Sunday the 30th, I am a couple brewski’s deep and sorry for the typos but really wanted to get this out to you all before the new year. I hope 2018 was a blessed year for you all but I hope 2019 is even better!

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