Wow, I feel like I barely blinked and 2017 flashed by. This year was a lot. A lot of good and a lot of change. I experienced by final semester of college and graduated in May. I moved home to my parents and after a few months, I moved out with my boyfriend, Ry. I began life as a full time photographer without the added obligation of school. I traveled for photography including my first wedding that required a flight to. I began paying back loans and paying rent. I went to a lot of concerts and festivals. I did a lot. I lost people that were close to me and gained some incredible friends throughout 2017. It is crazy to look back on a year and be happy for what I experienced but also sad a lot of chapters in my life came to a close. Shockingly, I miss college. I didn't think I'd ever say that. But I do. I miss the people, I miss that phase in my life that I will never get back but I also love the phase I am in. I am changing and growing into the person I have been hoping to become. Photography has officially became my career and I am blown away by the support I have received along with the love and trust from everyone that hires me. 

For 2018, I've made a lot of goals for myself and for my business. I am aiming to be even more committed and present with each couple I photograph and capture every story in a unique and personal way. I plan to stay on top of things and not photograph based on likes and validation but to take photos that are representative of each person. I have always said I like to photograph the quirky and real moments in life and I want to make sure I never forget the core of my business, double chins from endless laughter and all that good stuff.

Personally, a goal of mine is to let go and relax. To stop always looking months ahead and planning every aspect of my life and to just enjoy where I am in the present. To not wish time away to reach the next event in my calendar but to make ever moment I am in memorable. Also, I am going to take time off and not feel guilty. I am going to allow myself days where I don't feel pressure to give 100% and give myself time to recharge. Life really is too short and I don't want to waste my time on this earth. I am putting this out into the universe because it has been something I've talked about consistently for about 6 months now, but in 2018, I am going to begin vlogging my life. I am realizing now that my memory for 1 isn't that great and 2 I feel like I am always so wrapped in up capturing others lives that I forget to capture mine. So be expecting that this year!

This year was incredible and looking at the highlight reel makes me feel all sorts of emotions. What a crazy, beautiful year I got to capture. I hope you enjoy these photos that I think really represent the fun shoots I got to capture and all the love as well.

Cheers to you as you embark on your 2018 journey! Feel free to comment some of your resolutions (or I like to call them yearly goals), I'd love to hear what you are dedicating the year to! :) 

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