This was my first time ever being flow out to one of my couples to capture their engagement photos and not going to lie, I was kind of anxious going into this. Meeting new people in a place that I've never been brought a lot of emotions but Courtney and Josh + all their friends I met made me feel so comfortable and at home. Not kidding the moment I walked in the door we started to click and realize how much we are alike + how much our boyfriends are alike. All Packers fan's because of our relationships and not kidding we found out that Ryan and Josh do the exact same job just one is in Vegas and one is in Boise. I also just felt connected with Courtney by the multiple times she lost her keys because this is a constant, sometimes daily, occurrence for me as well haha. 

We decided to visit Mount Charleston and on our way there, I was captivated by the desert scenery with mixed in joshua tree's and cacti. So we obviously hit these locations up after we finished our first outfit. Also, funny little story about our shoot. We are about an hour away from where Courtney & Josh live and about 45 minutes until sundown and we realize we didn't grab Courtney's second outfit top. So what do you do in this situation? Well she wore Josh's extra thermal sweater of course, tied it up and made quite the fashion statement. Seriously though, she looked incredible and the photos ended up being some of my favorite ever taken. 

Can't wait to take their wedding photos next year and I am also just super excited for them to visit Boise soon so I can hang with them again :) 

This shoot is extra special to me so scroll slow and enjoy all the fun, sweet moments between these two!


Such a special kind of love these two have. I met Taylor through one of my brides and we clicked immediately. I was so thrilled when she contacted me about capturing the love her and Nic share. We spent our Saturday out about an hour outside of Boise at Jump Creek Falls and I swear there are parts there that remind me of the Oregon Coast. Then we ended the shoot how I wish ever shoot would end, in home where you are comfortable and with your love. I loved hanging with them in their pups while they played pool and messed around with each other. These two are truly so special!


I met Jordie so many years back but when her and her man were coming from North Dakota to visit family and wanted to schedule a shoot with me, I couldn't say yes fast enough! These two are so in love and have such a sweet story. Also their chemistry and love with each is one in a million and I left this shoot with my heart so full.  Also another dog on a shoot? What did I do to get so lucky!?