Oh my goodness this was a blast. The shoot happened freaky fast. Stephanie inquired about wedding and engagement photography on April 3rd and not even 2 weeks later, we were meeting up and shooting her’s and Dane’s engagement portraits. I love when you just click with a client right off the bat. It makes me so dang giddy for their wedding in the next months. And that’s exactly how it felts with Dane & Stephanie. 

Also we started the shoot with meeting up for beer & wine so they obviously speak my love language. Then we did their shoot up and around lucky peak, finding random turn offs, walking on dirt roads and finding beautiful overlooks. This shoot as incredibly refreshing for me and can like… every shoot be like this?! Give it a scroll and see how cute & giggly these two are ♡


holllllly moley where do i begin? 

This was so freaking fun. Kendra reached out a few months ago saying her and Kevin were from the Seattle area but McCall is very sentimental to the both of them and they wanted to have engagements done there. Which the whole Cascade, Donnelly, McCall area is one of my favorite places in Idaho to shoot at. So, ya I couldn't say "YES" fast enough. 

We met up at Ponderosa State Park and drove around and walked through the almost solid snow (lol a few steep spots where our legs went through) and explored such a beautiful spot. I got to meet their freaking adorable pup too Picabo! Then we went to Salmon River Brewery which is literally one of the best food spots in McCall. If you haven't been, you've got to try it! We went and grabbed some food and beer and made it a little photo opp too! Our final spot was in Cascade at Crown Point and this was my favorite of the day. We walked on the beach and made a fire, drank some more beer and just enjoyed the view. This was such a beautiful shoot and I left feeling so happy and full of love. I am constantly amazed by the beautiful people I get to meet, this job is the best!

Hope you all love this set, I am super proud of these


I was so bummed when I was already booked for these two's wedding but I was still so excited to be able to do their engagement photos. This was such a fun evening!! It was freaking cold though let me tell ya, the wind was out to play and did not ease up but it allowed for a lot of fun movement throughout the shoot. I also challenged myself and did more shots with direct sunlight which is something I, at times, stray away from cause well it makes me nervous. But I think those photos near the end are some of my favorites from the shoot! 
Make sure to check out the full shoot below! :)