Feeling uninspired and in a routine as a photographer can be a huge downfall. It is such a frustrating thing & sometimes it's incredibly hard to break. As any artist, you can hit a mental block with your work that can be hard to move past & yes, this happens and it's totally normal!! I notice when I begin to feel this way, it's time for me to put my worries on hold and go out and take pictures, for fun. It's easy to get stuck in the routine of day to day life but it's necessary to set the business part of Rosie Nary Photography to the side & get out there, be creative and let myself be inspired by the people and world around me. And that's EXACTLY what we did last Friday & I'm ecstatic about the results! & even more pumped than ever for my upcoming photoshoots! I am so thankful to have people in my life that support me and my dreams of pursuing photography as a career. & I'm thankful for friends who force me to hop in front of the camera (Daryn☻) every once in awhile and be in the pictures!

Shot with Nikon D750 + Sigma Art Wide-Angle Lens, 35mm - F/1.4 !

Thank you Daryn, Nat & Maddie for hanging with me on Friday & enjoying these beautiful views♥︎