Lucas and Whitney are such sweet people individually but together, they are extraordinary! I have had a blast getting to know them through their engagement shoot, meetings on meetings, Whit's bridal session and finally, their big day! We may have gotten a massive storm during their ceremony, but that didn't take away from the day whatsoever. These two made the best of it and everything was beautiful and it was a fun and unique moment :) The memories that were made at this wedding are ones that everyone will cherish for a lifetime. 

Whit and Lucas, thank you so much for making my job as a photographer a breeze and for letting me be apart of this. Jody and Brian, thank you for meeting up with me all of the time so I felt prepared and involved in this process. The bridal party, thank you all for making me laugh and for making this day so special for the bride and groom. Seriously, this day was awesome and I cannot explain my excitement to finally share these images with you!

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Hair: Aneta Jane Sifak Make-up Artist: Brooke Emery

Hair: Aneta Jane Sifak

Make-up Artist: Brooke Emery